Renting Houses

Owning a house would be ideal but that is not always possible, especially for young people who are just starting out with their careers. Renting is the more viable option for those living in urban areas. A letting agent in birmingham can provide assistance if you are having difficulty finding a unit that works well for your needs and your budget. Most of these require long-term contracts lasting 12 months or so. It's something that people have come to expect but a few are seeking other arrangements. Short term housing is more appealing in certain cases because of the following benefits

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Peace of Mind

Not all tenants have deep pockets. There are workers who may just have gotten laid off or are currently holding temporary jobs. They are not entirely certain if they have enough to pay for the rent for the entire year. By paying month-to-month, the stress of worrying about funds fades away. They can be more confident in signing the lease. A longer contract may eventually be drawn once they find new employment and become regulars. It's a good arrangement that allows renters to find a place immediately and owners to fill up vacant units without delays.


There are individuals who are constantly on the move. They might have been temporarily assigned to a place for a few months. They are likely to move to a different area after the project has been completed. Short-term rentals let them stay for the exact duration that they need to and go once their jobs take them elsewhere. Those who are unsure about a place, on the other hand, can try out various locations for a while before settling on the one they like best. There will be no charges should they find a place to be sub-optimal for their requirements and wish to move out.


Land owners can benefit from this arrangement as well. They can, for instance, rent out their house when you want to such as when they go on long vacations. Once they return, they may use the property again such that there is always an occupant that takes care of the house. Short-term renting allows for greater flexibility in the terms with owners possibly extending their vacations and renters staying longer than they originally planned. Instead of a month, there are people who only need a place for a week or two. Renting an apartment may be preferred as it is cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Higher Rates

Another advantage of this can be found in the potential earnings the shorter the stay, the higher the rate that can be charged. It may be comparable to retail vs. wholesale in a way. There are also relatively few owners who offer this arrangement so people are more likely to agree with the terms as long as they are reasonable. The challenge is in making sure that most days in the calendar are filled with bookings to maximize profits. This shouldn't be a problem in a city like Birmingham.